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These insects are 'favored' planet
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People generally divided into 2 types of insects are kind and helpful pests. But all of them are chains of biodiversity on Earth, the operation of this species will affect other species, or in other words they depend on each other to survive.
People generally divided into 2 types of insects are kind and helpful pests. But all of them are chains of biodiversity on Earth, the operation of this species will affect other species, or in other words they depend on each other to survive.

In terms of population, the insects that dominate the planet. Scientists have found and named for approximately 900,000 different insects, but some experts believe that on earth there are about 30 million species.

With a number of "terrorist" so, it's no wonder when confirming the insects affect the lives and the human civilization, they affect all aspects, from religion, agriculture and both technologies.

Here introduce some insects are people "favored" the most because of their importance:

Bees and other insects help pollinate plants

Without bees and pollinating insects, the daily diet of people will be very poor, to the lowest level. Approximately 1/3 of the daily food we are from the plant species are pollinators, and 80% of them are honeybees help pollinate. Insects help pollinate about 90% of the crop on earth.
Some plants require a pollinator species-specific; eg when planted fig trees in North America have not been able to flourish until they put the wasps from the Mediterranean in order to pollinate it.

Those who do not like vegetables will not care about bees? Xin said, the bees also pollinate plants eaten by cattle, such as alfalfa - foods mainly to cattle.

Silkworms and species "manufacturer" More

Silkworm moth is a kind of cocoon silk release. Their pods are rolled from a single strand. Since the Chinese figure out how to weave silk from cocoons 2,700 years ago, this product has really dominate the whole world. Silk industry flourished in China for over 4,000 years, and silkworms are they "o closing" to the maximum extent.

We offered to take her mouth full of food that the worm does this rare beef up the tree itself to find food.

A "manufacturer" is an important aphid secrete a sticky resin. This plastic will be collected and then mixed with alcohol to produce a furniture polishes are very common as shellac (shellac).

Of course, manufacturers are the most important insect honeybee because everyone favorite dish of honey. Estimates Americans consume over 190,000 tonnes of honey alone in 2009. Enough said bees struggled how to enchant people.

Flashy appearance of glittering beetle seems not very suitable for our work. In the vast grasslands in the United States, beetles help clean up more than 80% of the amount of livestock waste.

Some species of dung beetles waste only certain species. We also quite astute when often cling to the tail of the animal and wait for your meal. In addition to helping in clean, dung beetles also help reduce the number of flies, because flies lay eggs on cattle dung, and when bugs will eat feces fly eggs are destroyed.

Cockroaches and termites - "the bad guys do good"

When infected with termites in your house or indirectly, you will immediately seek to evict them. But in the wild, they are very useful species. Termite treatment and recycling helps a ton materials containing cellulose, which helps them easily decompose in the soil, forming new soil rich in nutrients.

Cockroaches also do similar work. This particular species prefer warm and humid environment such as the environment in tropical rain forests (or in your kitchen), they help dispose of dead plants and animals. Without the help of two species, the forests we had no room to breathe and grow.

The mosquitoes

One thing is sure, their bites itch makes you mad, that's not to mention very unpleasant humming sound when you start stale stale sleeping. It's just a tiny crimes if compared with pandemics such as malaria, diarrhea ... Mosquito-spread (which is the main culprit females). However, some back to thank them because thanks to their presence in the tropical rain forests where people cringe when intended destruction of this forest, so that the ecosystem here is part What conservation.

Also, mosquitoes as well as some small insects live around freshwater areas turned out to be the monitoring of water quality and great severity. When you want to check the quality of the water, the scientists will take samples of water in that area to see if the plankton in there (including mosquito larvae, and other species). Because they are very sensitive to even a small contamination, so if I find their presence also means that safe water.

Predators to protect crops

Do not jump to snap up a spray bottle to see a beetle pest nibbled on your flowers. A lot of insects in the garden are the people you can help. We help you destroy the pest or parasitic insects harmful to crops. These are the natural enemies - are used by farmers as a crop protection methods effectively without harming the environment.

Beneficial insects pests destroyed in two ways: to catch prey and parasites. Insects have the character to catch prey such as ladybugs, spiders, praying mantis ... can catch and eat the pest species, or eat eggs, their larvae.

A ladybug can eat dots on black 130 aphids per day. The cocoon bees, bee red eyes ... which are parasitic. Red eye bee pests lay eggs in egg, cocoon bees lay eggs into larvae body and his kind, butterflies; young after hatching bees will eat eggs and insects always.
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