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Cockroaches turn into fuel cells
24 Tháng Ba 2016 :: 10:00 SA :: 1016 Views :: 0 Comments

(TNO) expert team of Case Western Reserve University (USA) have exploited the system to metabolism indirectly converted into electric current.
Interesting point in the study by experts Michelle Rasmussen and Daniel Scherson led them to make the process of metabolism in the portfolio to generate electricity, according to the Columbus Dispatch website.
When cockroaches eat, it produces a type of sugar called trehalose. Then, haemolymph, an enzyme found in the blood of the portfolio, will be responsible for soluble sugar trehalose.

Need to take a few more steps to complete the transfer of sugar into the food, and to the final step, electrons are produced. When attaching wires to break, experts can harness electrons to convert into electricity.

Although power is not high, but research from Case Western Reserve University serves as proof of concept shows that the body can use interrupt power supply for small devices, such as sensors and microphones in places of other energy sources inaccessible.

In cases where someone fears the wire act on the insects can make them uncomfortable, this is not a problem because there is no blood vessels cockroaches. We have open circulatory system.

Trehalose present in the circulatory system of insects, and some species have a high sugar content than cockroaches.

Earlier, a group of University of Michigan researchers have used piezoelectric materials to harness flapping motion of beetle flight.

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