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This is one of the most easily identified species is found in and around the house, is a large-bodied species, somewhat or very dark, black middle.
CARPENTER ANTS: Camponotus spp
This is one of the most easily identified species is found in and around the house, is a large-bodied species, somewhat or very dark, black middle. The worker ants foraging sizable content so we can use it to steal a bite or health worker ants have very different sizes, ranging from 0.8 cm to 2 cm. Many species are black and may have a light brown stripes on the abdomen; Other species may have some color from reddish brown to black with two colors so that they are clear. Many species appear throughout the US, and appears mostly in the eastern states. In the western states, these species are found in the eastern and mid-west, it usually appears in patches of higher ground, while the other species found in the region is lower than sea level.

These ants nest in wood like termites bit, but can be distinguished by the clean and almost like sandpaper sheets. The nests are usually done within the softwood and humid, although is a carpenter can do in hardwood. carpenter is not used as food timber to nest just dug.

Carpenter ants nest in several different locations. Nesting areas outside include stumps, hollow logs, telephone poles, fence columns, or other similar large pieces of wood. Moist or rotted wood parts are preferred by many ant species, especially in the Northeast United States; however, the crevices and other vulnerabilities that can be used to start them inside hardwood nest. Ants can be brought inside through the kinds firewood or on the nest through the other line. Is also frequently inside the building just to feed only. Among other measures, the raven to the inside through the trees or wires exposed to the building. So is it possible infection or not in the main house. The nest inside the home can be found inside the hollow doors, window sills, summer levels, roof, ceiling behind the wall pieces, fireplaces, wallboard or areas with natural holes other. Nests can only be a small flaw inside with a few hundred children.

Carpenter eating is very diverse, both animals and plants. The ants eat other insects, both living and dead, almost anything people an.Chung especially like honeydew secreted by insects sesame. Many sweets and meat in the kitchen and storage areas were also we eat, including syrup, honey, jam, sugar meat, and fat.

These ants nest foraging about 100 meters away to find food and can crawl around the house awake. The worker ants will leave the pheromone substance, at least on the main road in search of prey, but they are often seen foraging scattered and without the use of pheromones to find their way to quality. Food can be brought home, but often it is close to where it is eaten always found. Then the food is belched out in groups so that the princess, pupa and the foraging worker ants are not used.

Carpenter is influential in economic terms because of the damage they caused to the buildings, they contaminate food, travel and the unsightly and undesirable of them inside and outside the building. The activities of our nest can weaken the building architecture, though usually not as severe as the hub. This damage is usually first to review status or damaged by water due to rotted wood, because they usually will not extend away from the regional organization softwood to hardwood areas. This is especially true for species in the states of the East and Midwest, but Modoc Camponotus ants have been known to cause damage to buildings in the Pacific Northwest.

 Argentine COMMENTS: Iridomyrmex humilis Mayr
Worker ants around 0.25 to 0,35cm long and light brown to dark brown. The queen is much longer, from 0.5cm to 0.7cm. There are many reproductive queens per nest inside. Intercourse often happens, inside the nest, so little when we see the winged. Besides eggs, the princess also feed themselves and self-cleaning and self-initiative in nurturing and chick rearing.

The group is mainly made ​​in the wet lands next to or underneath the buildings, along the aisle, beneath the tree and wood panels or near food and water sources. Argentine Ants prefer sweet foods, mainly sugar, syrup, juice, and honey service. Foraging worker ants move along the familiar path from nest to all areas. Worker ants can attack the buildings with a large number, especially when the external conditions are too dry or too hot.

This species is very easy to adapt to the environment of the city and suburbs, they live in areas with few other species live. Maybe they were ants everywhere present. Hung worker ants are kept and can kill other species of ants living in our area. However different the Argentine ant can live together in one area, so the number of ant colonies live in an area that might be quite a lot.


There are many types of this gene is called fire ants because their venom is lit by the sting and cause a very itchy and can cause severe allergic reactions in some people particularly susceptible. Fire is very active and very aggressive, and can kill young animals hang or causes pain and fear for humans.

Their belly is usually white from brown to black, the head and thorax are yellow or reddish. Worker ants in length from 0.15 to 0,65cm. Our bodies are often found in areas pumice soil, although they may also nest in wood and masonry buildings. The nest entrance of the hole may be scattered on the ground in the range of 0.6m to 1.2m, under boards or rocks, next to the tufts of grass, in the interstitial cement cracked, and the bottom of the building. Nhiung foraging ant nest can bring about different food items such as meat, butter, lard, nuts and vegetables.

Red imported fire ants (S. invicta) are serious pests of agricultural industry, local, suburban; normally nests on the ground and cover typical mound.

The worker ants brown gray and allows seen in two main forms, known as worker ants and worker ants majority minority and length from 0.17 to 0,65cm. Some premises may have several docks and the site is larger than can run to tens of mounds is. Each mound may belong to a separate nest, or a group can make up a few mounds connected by the road below ground. The nest is large there may be up to 300 thousand to 500 thousand worker ants, the ants go foraging in an area of over 100 meters wide properties. Just fire ants are carnivores and meat living dead, they attack and kill other insects and small animals, or eating dead animals. They also feed on honeydew and some parts of plants, resins and other sweeteners. These organizations have a human princess and princess have also been found, and the control may be more difficult with a team that have many children Princess. Sometimes ants also nest inside the house, especially in the winter beneath the tub drain holes (which can often lead to the entrance through an open ground floor below the drainage holes) inside water heaters or other sources of warm temperatures. The ants also discovered nesting and foraging in the upper floors of the hospital, or similar buildings.

 COMMENTS theft:

This is one of the smallest ants, ranging from 0.1 cm to 0,17cm. Worker ants have a lot of color from yellow to brown earth, and we have two sections beard. This type is found in most of the United States. They usually live in groups of larger ants, where they can get food from the chrysalis of the other ants to eat, so they swim is named thief. Inside their staple food such as fat meat and cheese, although they sometimes eat sweeteners, bacon, ham and other ready-made foods that strikes their fancy. They can also eat the carcasses and the seeds are stored. This is a very small species can not be detected around the sink in the kitchen and closet area. Those observations can not complain about the smell of food without realizing that it was infected with ants. This species is often infiltrated from outside, but can nest in the slot, intermingled and often walls or cabinets below the kitchen roof roofing. They are persistent and can be very difficult to control.
 CONSULT MR Pharaoh (Pharaoh): Monomorium pharaonis (Linnaaeus)
He is pharaoh pale yellowish to reddish brown, with worker ants from 0.17 to 0.20 length cm. In the past few years, they seem to have become a common pests and increasing and is an important source of business for a pest control company in many places. Can easily distinguish the pharaoh he is with thieves is because they have the top 3 burning stubble. We are seriously harmful ants at home, apartments, hotels, grocery warehouses, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and a variety of other convenient means. The small size helps them to get almost everything we eat, and with the wide variety of food makes them extremely difficult to be completely excluded from the construction work.

Organization is rarely detected, but they appear between the walls, beneath the background, on the ceiling, behind the skirting panels and switchboards, trash inside the old, the pile of towels, or outside tomato garden along the walkway. Pharaoh he is nesting in porous substrates in warm areas near fireplaces, heat pipes, hot water pipes that also places where moisture or open water. Very difficult to find their nests as they scattered away from the nest, often far from the nest path will be marked by the pheremone way. Worker ants often seen crawling along the window, on the stalls or the foot plate.

We eat different types of food that when people use the phrase "fussy food" does not seem right. However, substances such as syrups, juices, honey, jams, pastries, cakes, grease, insects or determine flesh and blood is often preferred them.

This species is very persistent and very difficult to control. They tend to appear suddenly in a lot of areas in the building, and feeding on the large area and nest in discreet locations and safety makes control difficult.

The pharaoh ant nests he can be very large, there are tens or hundreds of thousands of worker ants, and several queens. Moderate to large organizations will often split into several fathers created when one or more children and a group of worker ants Princess (carrying eggs) will touch far larger nest and start a new Greek organizations. This new organization may or may not become an independent organization, because the worker ants can operate between major groups or different fathers.

The reproductive maturity (male and female) have wings but do not fly, so we do not see them fly away up the flock.

The mating of the organization throughout the year. Sometimes, when you find a good food source, especially close to the nest, you can see some of the queen frequented areas that raised food. However, especially those that are part of or princess can not control if not using an effective baits to worker ants brought home to the Lord eating.

 SMALL BLACK ANTS: monomorium minimum (Buckley)
The soldier ant (worker ants are responsible for protecting organizations) of this species is very large heads compared to their bodies. So we placed such names. The worker ants do not have such big heads, but we can recognize them by their hairstyle, sank shortly after the launch. They are found in warm and dry areas, and they have a habit like fire ants. Team them were found in the area of bare land or wood pile section below. They rarely nest in the house, but they can attack inside the building to search for food. They like meat, fat and bread. We very much like fire ants may distinguish the two species because they have beards and 12 burned on the first three paragraphs on beards.
 COMMENTS sidewalk: Tetramorium caespitum (Linnaeus)
This is a small brown ants (from 0.32 cm to 0,43cm), with legs and antennae paler. Abdominal them black. Easily visible on the head and chest parallel lines and the ripple that has the same color as their skin color, but they make the skin under the vein. There are a pair of a pair of small rear spine and body with small sparse coat.

Pavement is very common in the waters of the Pacific and the US Midwest and west coast. This ant species are occasional pests. Their nests are usually found outside, under the rocks, next to the building and under the crevices of the summer, although they are sometimes found in the walls, under floors and in secluded areas. Pavement ants can cause a fuss around the buildings that have ground floor structure. The raven attacked inside the building through cracks and crevices in the background similar. This species is slow to attack inside the building to find their favorite foods such as fat, sugar.

 SMALL FIRE ANTS: Wasmannia auropunctata (Roger)
They are about 0.17cm long, reddish and they have the character to move slowly. These ants are very sensitive to cold, they only appear in the warmest weather. The sting is very painful.

Small fire ants are pests seriously homes, contaminating food and enters the bed and linens are not washed. They nest on bare ground or hidden areas, in

Wooden items, tree holes, rubbish, and sometimes inside the house. Inside the house, we liked the food as fat, peanut butter and other oils.
 COMMENTS HARVEST: Pogonomyrmex spp
This is a fairly large ants, red to pale slightly from 0,6cm to 1.2cm long. The longhaired create a "broom" below the head. The feathers are used to clean the legs and antennae, carry water and sand movement during excavation team. This species is found in areas of warmer and drier than the western and southern. they are often found in fields or lawns. We cleaned up in a grassy area around the cave and extensive collection of particles that we take in the cave.
 COMMENTS need is: Atta spp
The ants get from tree foliage and brought home. Pieces of leaves are crushed and applied to large gardens with soil fungi below, and will provide food for ants. This ant species can take away all the leaves, or needles on a tree leaf in just one night. The length of worker ants from 0,2cm to 1.5 cm, dark brown them or rust color. The upper part of the chest at least three horns.
Ants bite leaves nest in sandy or loamy soil drainage, the mound has a large funnel. These nests are usually 3 to 3.6 m deep and can cover up to 0.1 hectares. This characteristic of nesting is also known as the city is in some species. We never nest inside the home, but they can attack on the inside to find food particles. Worker ants move very smooth on the road, maybe with a distance compared to the nest. Because the organization is maintained in a position in a few years so the raven to go a good distance from the nest.
 COMMENTS LEO: Crematogaster spp
This species is the curved belly up on the head or chest whenever they are stimulated, so we have the name is climbing. They are brown or black and yellow heart-shaped belly flattening them at the top and bottom curve. They rarely appear inside the house, but sometimes they can go inside to find food. Some ant species may also be found in the timber or item item part. Rarely see them in hardwood.
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